Join our Legacy Founders Team 

For a limited time you can be recognized for leaving a Legacy of Hope and Healing for a survivor of sexual abuse, exploitation, or trafficking! We only have 25 spots open! Join by Sept. 30th!
The first 25 individuals or groups to set up a monthly donation of $50 or more will be honored as a Legacy Founder Team Member of The Wild Hope*. 
The model and heart behind The Wild Hope is based on working together to solve problems, providing support and care, and developing healthy, meaningful relationships.
For us to be successful at doing this for our clients, we must first model this as a team. We believe that doing life together is better than doing life alone! This is your opportunity to be a part of a group of people who believe in The Wild Hope's mission
, are willing to stand behind that belief through your donation, and have access to unique opportunities to develop new relationships and make a difference in our community. 
Together, as a team, you will:
  • Provide our first survivors free access to eap services and the chance to heal long-term from the horrific trauma they've endured.
  • Know that you actively helped change (and maybe even saved) a life!
  • Be acknowledged as part of the team on our website.
  • Have the opportunity to meet our new mustang, Jewel.
  • Receive a private invitation to the Legacy Founders Team Cocktails and Dessert celebration and networking event.
To truly make a long-term difference in the lives of survivors, we must be willing to do the hard work of investing in them practically, relationally, emotionally, and spiritually. They've already done their part by surviving! Let's do our part to empower them to live free and productive lives. Because if we as a community don't answer the call, who will?
*To Qualify:
1 - The first 25 to donate will automatically be a part of the team (assuming all qualifications are met).
2 - Donation must be active for a minimum of 12 consecutive months.
3 - First donation must be received on/by September 30, 2018.
4 - Those who exceed 18 consecutive months will have their names permanently posted as a Legacy Founder at the future home of The Wild Hope Austin.

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