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Three Horses


How we'll do it

Equine-Assisted Therapy and Programs, Alternative Therapies, Supportive Relationships, and Collaborative Community Partnerships

What we're committed to

Providing safety, being Trauma-Informed and individualized, being transparent, courageous, and graced-based, and being life-long learners

Who we'll serve
Those who've experienced complex trauma and their families including Sexual abuse, assault, and violence; developmental/ childhood trauma; commercial sexual exploitation, and human trafficking
What we are

- A nonprofit start-up organization.
- Providers
of Equine Services for those who've experienced severe abuse and neglect (complex and developmental trauma).

- Provider of reduced-fee and no-cost services to those who qualify (long-term vision).

What we are NOT

- A horseback riding school.
- A horse re
- Providers of equine-assisted physical,
 speech, or occupational therapy.

- A crisis center.


Connect with us

If you'd like to volunteer, please complete our volunteer application  HERE !

**Volunteer requests will NOT be accepted through the Contact Form below.**

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Send Us a Message

Thanks for reaching out! We'll be in touch soon.

Please note - as a startup, we are not yet accepting new clients. Please subscribe to our email list for updates as we grow. We appreciate your patience!

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