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Introducing 2021

New Messaging


We see how deeply survivors of complex trauma are suffering, often alone and unseen.

The Wild Hope is an emerging equine therapy center committed to providing a safe space to heal and foster belonging. Because we ALL deserve to lead a rich life of connection and meaning.

Heal the person. Heal the family. Heal the community.

We do this through

- Equine Assisted Therapy and Programs

- Connected Horsemanship

- Supportive Relationships

- Collaborative Community Partnerships

We strive to

- Provide Safety

- Be Trauma Responsive

- Be Vulnerable & Courageous

- Be Grace-based & Flexible


A trauma-informed, survivor-led, urban community horse ranch right here in the ATX!

Horse Riding in Arena_edited.jpg

Who we serve

Survivors of complex trauma and their families, including:


Human Trafficking

Sexual abuse, assault and violence

Commercial sexual exploitation

Childhood (Developmental) trauma

Domestic abuse/violence

Join Us!

Now that we've launched our Phase 1 Pilot Program we are jumping into Phase 2 - developing a thriving, sustainable organization. We're seeking skilled and experienced volunteers, Board and committee members to make the mission of The Wild Hope a reality.

Click HERE to learn more and to apply.

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