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Onward and Upward

Dearest Friends,

I have some exciting news to share!! 

A few weeks ago I found myself on the phone with my best friend hysterically crying asking, "what if I never get to do equine therapy? What if it's not what God really wants?". I love this work so very much it felt like a piece of me would die without it. (No, that's not the exciting news!) My wonderful friend reminded me that I'd been through hard things over and over again and God always took care of me, even when I didn't feel/see him. She reminded me he would do that again and to be patient and hang in there.

As is often the case with this friend, she was right! God is working out details I can't even imagine and I have to daily choose to hold on to the knowledge that His plans for my life are better than anything I could imagine for myself.

Shortly after my meltdown, I received an email from LinkdIn about an equine therapy internship in Trinidad and Tobago! What? Where did this come from? This random email (I never get emails from LinkdIn because I just have equine therapy on my profile and it's not often jobs are posted for EAP) was just enough to wet my whistle, to remind me how excited and passionate I was about the work. That evening I decided to reach out to a couple of Therapists via email to introduce myself and see if they had any need for a partner to work with. I got a response!! We set a time to meet and I impatiently waited for a couple weeks for the day to come.

That day was today! This therapist and I met at her office and hit it off right away! I left so excited I was all but screaming in my car! (still working on my own emotional regulation :-) It was a joy explosion that couldn't be contained! We are taking steps to meet at the barn in the coming weeks and explore a friendship and potential working relationship.

I can't say for sure this will work out, but I am hopeful! God comes through for me time and time again. He's teaching me about taking things slow and with discernment. He's showing me that He is in charge of my dreams - after all, He's the one who gave them to me! I just need to stay in His presence and continue to walk forward in obedience. He's got the rest taken care of. And if that weren't amazing enough, I fall in and out of His presence constantly and He STILL loves me and provides good things for me without punishment or condition.

I look forward to sharing how our next meeting goes and maybe post some pictures of some new equine friends, too!

Thank you for your continued prayers and unshakeable support. The encouragement and comfort in knowing I have you, my tribe, to share these adventures with is beyond words.

Hugs & blessings!



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